Call to action – Join TEAMBeulah for the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge

Beulah Africa Development NPC (Non Profit Company) aims at bringing practical community-based solutions to Africa’s socio-economic development challenges. We apply ourselves to changing lives and transforming communities in Africa.

For us to achieve such a big task, we strongly believe in volunteerism and partnerships. Periodically we gather a team of volunteers with the goal of fundraising towards one of our charitable projects, thus we aptly named the group TEAMBeulah. TEAMBeulah therefore stands for a group of individuals who collectively believe in the cause and aim to raise funds and make a difference in this way. So if you are passionate about the youth, education, and/or community transformation – join TEAMBeulah today!

This year TEAMBeulah will again raise funds for our Bursary Fund aiding underprivileged but well deserving students with financial and non-financial means towards their tertiary studies. Our Bursary Fund currently supports 9 students at various universities & colleges.

All our current students have graduated from the outstanding post-matric “GoodYear service year” programme presented by GF4GF (Good Foundations for Good Fruit) Centres. This GoodYear programme is a community transformation project presented by GF4GF Centres (NPC) in the rural towns of Groblershoop, Northern Cape and Tweeling, Free State. Through this programme the GF4GF centres are able to uplift rural communities with good values, sound character and work ethic. (See infographic)

Good values and sound character unfortunately does not break the cycle of poverty by itself, further training and education is needed. Many rural communities really struggle financially and the families of these former GoodYear students do not have the financial capacity to support them. However through further education we can break the cycle of poverty in these families and communities.

A GoodYear Bursary Fund was founded in 2012 to assist these former GoodYear students to further their training at a tertiary level. The decision to start the GoodYear Bursary Fund was not only out of need but also because of the firm belief that these students are more likely to make a success in life, because of the solid foundation that was built during their time at a GF4GF Centre. They are more focused, hard working, courteous and driven to succeed, which are character traits instilled through the good foundations of the GoodYear programme. The reports we receive from employers of GoodYear graduates are overwhelmingly positive, and we expect more good fruit in future.

In 2014 Beulah Africa Development (NPC) adopted the GoodYear Bursary Fund as a valuable project to support. Since then TEAMBeulah has participated in the 947 Cycle Challenge annually to help raise funds for this cause. As you might be aware the average cost to keep 1 student at a university ranges anything from R50,000.00 to R100,000.00. Collectively TEAMBeulah strives to raise R500,000.00 for 2016, to enable deserving students to study towards a qualification. In this way they can break the cycle of poverty in their families and pioneer a lifestyle of excellence and financial freedom to model for others in the rural areas. We hope to expand the current Bursary Fund to include even more students with even greater mentorship programmes to ensure their success.

We would like to invite you to join us in various fundraising activities towards the collective goal set for 2016. These Fundraising efforts build up to our main event where the entire TEAMBeulah will be joined by some GF4GF students to cycle at the 947 Cycle Challenge on 20 November 2016. TEAMBeulah members who prefer not to cycle are still welcome to support along the route or at the finish line.

Beulah Africa Development NPC is a registered public benefit organisation (PBO) and all donations made to
the NPC may be eligible for Section 18A Tax certificates. Please talk to your financial advisor to make full use of this Section 18A tax exemption.

For any questions please feel free to contact the TEAMBeulah Coordinator at teambeulah @beulahafrica. for more information.

infographic 20160524-01