Together we CAN!

Henry Ford once said: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”. We have seen that a community coming together and believing that they CAN, will bring change. The Blyvoor mining community is left in limbo between authorities and companies. With limited service delivery and no clear direction of what their future will look like. Some of them participated in a workshop to look at what their community looks like and where do they want to see it in future.

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As part of their Social and Labour Plan commitments, and in response to a request by the local municipality, PMTG Mining initiative a comprehensive community analysis be conducted, including the social- and infrastructural situation analysis of the community.

Beulah Africa, ( facilitated a three day Interactive Community Based Planning workshop process during the week of 24-28 October 2016. During the workshop community members participated in a number of activities that helped them analyse their situation. Activities included:

• looking at the community’s historical timeline.
• engage in dialog about some social and economic trends in the community.
• analysing the community’s geographical challenges and service delivery matters.
• community participants identify an outreach initiative they believe are important to undertake.

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The community last had waste removal services in 2013. Since then waste has been disposed in any and all open spaces. They were concern of the children playing around Blyvoor and with the waste lying around, accidents can easily happen. With the support of the Blyvoor Community Committee, PMTG and Beulah Africa, these members tackled their streets on Friday 28 October 2016. A mass cleanup was initiated by the workshop participants and with rubber gloves and black bags 33 people took the streets of New Village (an area in Blyvoor). Young and old, male and female, everyone working together…

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The initiative seems to have stimulated a greater desire to take ownership or their situation and to drive positive change in their community. Change is possible wherever there are willing individuals. The workshop participants have realized that one individual cannot change/clean a community. They realized that “togetherness” is the key to have a save and clean community. Together for them means: To-Ge-Ther (to get there) us a community. NO ONE LEFT BEHIND!!!

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One of the aims of Community Development it for a community to come to the realization that they are the change agents of their own community and from the workshop that was held, the participants understood that they must take ownership of the change they would like to see in their community. Outsiders can assist, but the ultimate key role-players are the people themselves.

We had a great time! Thank you PMTG for your support and care for the community. Together we CAN bring change in Blyvoor.