Welcome TEAMBeulah Cyclists

Beulah Africa Development NPC wants to welcome all our newcomers and we hope that you will have a blessed time riding for our purpose. For those of you who will be joining TEAMBeulah for the 2nd or 3rd or 4th time, we really appreciate and honour you for believing in the Beulah Africa vision.


Beulah Africa Development NPC (Non-Profit Company) aims at bringing practical community-based solutions to Africa’s socio-economic development challenges. We apply ourselves to creating sustainable change and transforming communities not only in South Africa but in Africa as a continent. TEAMBeulah stands for a group of individuals who collectively believe in the cause and aim to raise funds and make a difference. We believe that education can open doors for each individual and assist them in achieving the dreams they have within their hearts. Since 2014 we have been taking part in the Cycle Challenge. Over the past 3 year we have helped more than 12 students with some of their financial needs, of these students 3 already graduated. Markus Olivier graduated from the University of the Free State and is now a teacher at a state school in one of the poorest communities in South Africa, and we have two other students who graduated from College and they are currently doing their Internships as Edu-Care teachers.


This year we partnered with Every Nation Hatfield’s Social Responsibility Team to raise funds for any underprivileged but well deserving students identified by the campus ministry team. Beulah Africa Development NPC will again partner with GF4FG, raising funds towards their Bursary Fund. We welcome the partnership between us and Every Nation Hatfield and it is always a privilege working with the GF4GF team. Each TEAMBeulah member can ride for any specific bursary fund of their choice under the TEAMBeulah banner:

• BEULAH AFRICA DEVELOPMENT NPC BURSARY FUND (BABF). Supports underprivileged students who have been left orphaned.

• GF4GF GOODYEAR BURSARY FUND (GYBF). Supports students who completed their GAP year at a GF4GF Centre which is situated in various rural communities around South Africa, giving them a stepping stone to exit the cycle of poverty within 1 generation. The GAP year program involves foundational training in moral values and sound work ethic to ensure these future leaders can excel in their field.

• EVERY NATION HATFIELD SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FUND (ENCBF). Supports students studying in Pretoria, and was identified by the campus ministry team to be in financial need.


On the 5 June 2017, we had our first information session. At this meeting, we shared our purpose and the reason why we doing the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge. We have encouraged those who attend the meeting to share and invite friends to be part of this movement. Earlier in the year, we communicated that there will be changes in how we approach the fundraising part. The entry fee will be a minimum of R1600 which includes the following:

• Your race entry (excluding racetec chip)

• A TEAMBeulah 2017 cycle shirt (If you already have one, you can choose between giving towards the bursary fund or order a T-Shirt)

• A goody bag

• Funds towards the one of the bursary funds.

Obviously we still encourage you to go beyond the R1600 in fundraising. There is no restriction on how much funds can be raised for TEAMBeulah and the more funds we raise the more students we can support at Varsity! We know that time is limited to raise funds, so we made the fundraising part easier by raising the entry fee to ride with TEAMBeulah by incorporating the above mentioned goodies into one fee. Since this is a larger amount than in the past, there are different payment options that you can choose from.

Option 1:

1.1. Once off payment paid into the NPC bank account (see banking details below).

1.2. Beulah Africa Development NPC handles all the admin for you when you pay R1600.

1.3. If you have already paid you race entry fee you can only pay R1125 (R1600 – R475=R1125).

1.4. You have the responsibility to get you own Race chip if you do not have one.

1.5. Beulah Africa Development NPC team will collect your race pack for you.

1.6. You need to pick up your race pack and other goodies, at our Pre Race Briefing 18 November at Trailwolf Cycles, Pretoria, the day before the race.

More details to follow.

SIGN-UP HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/IJy5BefIVHVPfvc02

Option 2:

2.1. By breaking the funds down into 5 months you can much easier “invest” in this cause. Montly payments will be paid into the Beulah Africa Development NPC account.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 4.27.53 PM

2.2. Beulah Africa Development NPC handles the admin for you (paying your entry fee end of July etc.).

2.3. Same applies as 1.4.-1.6.

SIGN-UP HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/IJy5BefIVHVPfvc02


Beulah Africa Development NPC Banking Details

Account Name: Beulah Africa Development NPC

Account Type: Cheque Bank

FNB Account number: 62 508 919 472

Branch: Hatfield Branch Code: 250-655

Reference: <Your Name> BABF (or) GYBF (or) ENCBF

*Please send proof of payment to npc@ beulahafrica.co.za

GF4GF Centres are sending GoodYear students to cycle with TEAMBeulah, as part of their fundraising efforts. Each of these students must also raise the minimum amount of R1600 to join. You can always sponsor one of these GoodYear students who would like to participate in the Cycle Challenge. Please contact Fanie Serfontein regarding this matter.

We’d love to see you representing us! Invite your friends. We believe there is something special about doing things with family, friends and strangers. Come “Ride for a Purpose, the Beulah Africa Purpose”. If you’ve already entered and noticed that we’re not yet listed as one of the charities of choice, that’s because we need to have 20 cyclists entered and signed up to ride for TEAMBeulah before we are officially listed. We trust and hope to have 35 cyclists who would ride for our purpose in 2017!

For any corporate sponsorships enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact Melinda Otto or Danielle Raymond at: npc@beulahafica.co.za / 0834564997 / 0827659775. For general enquiries contact Fanie Serfontein at teambeulah@beulahafrica.co.za / 0790227062

We are looking forward to hear from you.