Mandela Day – Rustenburg

Beulah Africa Donated the food parcel on the Mandela day in Rustenburg Disability center, where disable people gathered together and share their talent

We arrived at the Tsholetsa Disability centre. This centre is not run by CWP and only involves a minimal (10) number of participants from CWP due to shifting demarcation of the areas. This centre turned out to be alive with activities for the disabled of the community, including:

  • Vegetable gardening
  • Computer classes
  • Sign language classes
  • Recycled material into shoes, bags and furniture
  • Aluminium window and door frames
  • Brickmaking and laying
  • Clearing of unwanted vegetation
  • Building safer paths for disabled

The team were received warmly and toured through all these activities. We were astonished at the number of volunteers at the centre that simply carry on from day to day without any compensation. We were also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the doors, windows, bricks and recycled fashion items! From the insightful tour though, we had to get down to business, get our hands dirty and do what we came for, build a pathway of sorts.

Cement ran out. There was no road to build. As we were already physically prepared for intense labour, we took on the next best thing that stood on our path: chopping down trees and bushes to make way for expanded gardens. Not 5 minutes into the activity a crowd and audience started forming around the few clearly out of place individuals involved in hard labour. Undeterred, we went about our business and aiding the volunteers, we got rid of a significant portion of unwanted vegetation. We have the broken hands to prove it.

To cap of an already enjoyable day, we met with the ward councillor and his superior to expand CWP involvement and absorb the volunteers as participants. Most of this was agreed to and hopefully in the next few weeks, the CWP footprint will be significantly expanded to assist this vibrant and productive disability centre in Rustenburg.

Thank you for and from the team for an inspiration day