Transforming lives and communities from the inside out

Beulah Africa Development Non Profit Company (NPC) is closely associated with Beulah Africa (Pty) Ltd and aims at bringing practical community-based solutions to Africa’s socio-economic development challenges. We apply ourselves to changing lives and transforming communities in Africa through education, transformation villages and holistic community development initiatives.

Community Works Programme (CWP)

The Community Work Programme (CWP) is a South African government programme that provides an employment safety net and basic minimum income for people living in marginalized areas where, very often, access to employment opportunities is limited. CWP was initiated in order to counter high unemployment and poverty levels in South Africa and is designed to contribute to the strategic goals of government in addressing poverty and unemployment. The CWP falls under the category of public work programmes in South Africa. The purpose of public works programmes is generally to provide access to temporary jobs and income for the unemployed.

Beulah Africa Foundation formed a Joint Venture with a reputable NPO, Future Families, to implement the CWP programme in the North West Province. The Beulah Africa & Future Families Joint Venture (BA&FF JV) works with government, and the people themselves and find solutions not only to make CWP work, but to ensure meaningful impact through the projects. Firstly, for the participants of CWP through personal development and reliable work, and secondly, through the projects implemented in communities. We currently have 20,900 beneficiaries in the programme, located across the 18 local municipalities. These beneficiaries, or participants as they are called, conduct different community based projects such as:

  • Food and Nutritional Security Support
  • School Support
  • Infrastructure and Maintenance Projects
  • Environmental Cleaning Programmes
  • Home-Base Care

For more information please visit our BA&FF JV website at:


Based on Old Mutual estimates, the costs of education per child from Grade R through to tertiary graduation is just under R1 million for public school tuition or R2,2 million for private school tuition (in nominal terms). Unfortunately many children, especially those from rural communities, do not have the means to obtain their dream of education. In the latest Stats SA Household Survey Report it is said that for 33% of South African individuals (aged 5-24), a lack of money was the main reason for them not attending an educational institution.

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” Marthin Luther King Jr. 

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

In an effort to address this issue, the Beulah Africa Development NPC Bursary Fund was officially launched in 2015. We believe education is the best method to break the cycle of poverty, not only for the individual, but also for his/her whole family. The Bursary Fund therefore supports under-privileged, but well deserving, individuals. Our aim is to help promising university students through financial, social, and spiritual support and providing ongoing mentoring and personal coaching to the bursaries students. Beulah Africa Development NPC wants to be part of the launching of the future leaders who will change and transform Africa and unlock opportunities for generations to come.

We invite you to get involved by sponsoring a student, supporting one of our fundraising events, or by giving up your time to help mentor these students.

Transformation Villages

Africa’s developmental needs are vast and greatly intertwined. While most companies and organisations engage and invest in isolated projects, Beulah Africa Foundation understands that the best way to ensure a lasting impact is to invest in, what we call, community transformation villages. Such “villages” serve as catalysts to unlock pockets of potential within communities by stimulating and facilitating integrated holistic change over a period of time. This is done by means of faith-based orphan care, education, skills development, health care, agriculture, job creation and enterprise development.

Beulah Africa Foundation proudly partners with the Good Foundation for Good Fruit (GF4GF) centres across the country and is continuously looking for opportunities to start and grow new villages.

Agricultural and Micro Farming Training

Beulah Africa Development NPC and Amos Agrimin have taken hands to train, development and empower micro farmers through a model that works. Our model is not designed to see how many new farmers can be established, but rather to see how successfully we can help establish new farmers.

The Abangani initiative looks at both practical and theoretical training and personal empowerment as a whole. There is a big difference between “developing the land for the people” and developing the people for the land” and although we believe both these are important, the former will never succeed without the latter. Therefore we believe in programmes where academic knowledge, practical skills, moral values and personal talents are all taken into account. We work towards training and empowering agriculturalists with the necessary integrity and skills to feed their own families and successfully run agricultural enterprises.

Holistic Community Development Initiatives

Beulah Africa Foundation operates in partnership with a multi-disciplinary network of development agents and organisations. By way of these partnerships, Beulah Africa Foundation is offering a wide range of socio-economic community development initiatives in the education, social, economic and health fields.

Beulah Africa Foundation is a registered PBO (PBO no 930 048 432), allowing tax benefits for individuals and corporate sponsors. For more information with regards to Beulah Africa Foundation activities and ways to get involved, please contact us.



It takes a village to raise a child

African Proverb